Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght

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Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght Hyperlyght - Alchemical Visionary Abstract Digital Art

Attention all bands, combos, DJs, duos and solo artists! Dig this.

Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght

Do you need some slicker than Rick, out of this world artwork and/or graphic design for your project? Probably you do since you’ve found your way to Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght. Press-ready album covers (cd, vinyl, 8-track), club flyers, promo posters, logos, Facebook covers, stickers, t-shirts, web graphics, web sites – you name it, Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght can hook you up at prices that are a total friggin’ steal when operating on the budget of an aspiring rock god, turntable wizard or one-person tour-de-force. And you established cats - the same great deals.

Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght has been twiddling and twerking digital visuals professionally for 15 years and fondly calls Photoshop home. We’re adept at taking your input and fusing it with our outside the box, visionary style and technical prowess to forge unique, vibrant designs that accentuate and celebrate your music. Need help finding a printer? We’re on it. No job is too small to receive our undivided attention and the best that we can offer.

Take a look at some of the samples in our portfolio, then hit the Details page for a little more information about pricing and process flow, and then hit us with an email describing your project and your goals. We’ll respond with a quickness and set the wheels in motion to deliver you stunning visuals at an affordable price. We offer a free, 20-minute phone consultation with each new project.

And don’t worry – at Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght, we’re musicians too.

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album covers
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Affordable Band Artwork - Facebook covers
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