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Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght Hyperlyght - Alchemical Visionary Abstract Digital Art
Afforable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght

Let's get started with your new designs!

In the beginning...

Of course everyone firstly wants to know what it’s going to cost them for their promotional artwork (and web services). Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght’s pricing structure is simple - $35/hr with a one hour minimum for straight graphic design. Beyond that, you’re billed on banker’s time, so that’s in 15-minute increments. Take as many hours as you need and make as many tweaks as you need (hey – we’re perfectionists too) to get the results you’re looking for. But don’t worry...we tend to work quickly.

Contact us for web design pricing. Websites are far more complicated.

Some different approaches to securing your artwork:

   BROKE AS SHIT BUDGET – Check out the Samples to get a feel for our style. If me likey, one mocked-up design in confidence that it will be something you’ll dig. Minimal tweaks.
  FLIPPIN BURGERS BUDGET - Start with two mock-ups per requested piece of artwork. Pick the one you like best and tweak until you can’t afford to anymore.
  CORPORATE WHORE BUDGET – Take it to the next level with three mock-ups per requested piece of artwork. Tweak until your heart’s content. Dreaming about your impending rise to world domination.

The Process...

…begins with you. How the hell do you want to represent yourself? Are you more minimal and textural? Are you abstract? Are you from outer space? Are you into your own face(s)? Are you a cubist? Whatever the case, it’s helpful if you have some idea of what you’re looking for, whether it be style, color, imagery or anything else. Feel free to direct us to already created inspiration albums, paintings, posters, websites, whatever, or we can brainstorm with you. If you want us to freestyle something for you, that’s cool. (We’re good at that!) However, if you’re looking for something hand-drawn like a tattoo, this ain’t the shop for you.

It’s helpful to have a printer selected prior to the start of the design process, as each printer has its own sizing templates for the artwork.

After a direction is established and a printer is connected, Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght gets down to business. When the first pass is done, we’ll give you some login credentials and you can post up in your own secure section of our website to view the files. Then we'll have a chat.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

When all is said and done and you’re fat and happy and we’re paid, we’ll deliver ya press-ready/web-ready files.

For an extra charge ($50), we can supply you with the layered master file(s). Do what you will. We're also happy to deal directly with your printer of choice if you don't want that responsibility.

The Exchange...

In exchange for its services, Affordable Band Artwork by Hyperlyght accepts gold doubloons, plutonium and human organs, but prefers PayPal. We'll send you a Paypal invoice when we're in agreement that the design work is complete. Once you pay the invoice, we'll make the files available to you through your login portal.