HyperLyght - Quantum Leaping Utopia Into Tomorrow

Vibrational Energy Lightwork and Integrative Shamanic Therapy

Everything is light. Everything comes from light, everything returns to light.

But as our souls grow and experience consciousness we encounter challenges and obstacles (also known as "lessons") that prevent us from living optimally in our highest truth. Vibrational energy lightwork and integrative shamanic therapy can help you remove these obstacles and reclaim your truth. It can:

 • Clear unwanted/discarded energies, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.
 • Remove foreign encoding.
 • Clear contracts, agreements and vows.
 • Harmonize the subtle bodies.
 • Perform auric sealing and repair.
 • Perform etheric surgery.
 • Retrieve soul fragments.
 • Generate psychic protection.
 • Restore personal energetic sovereignty.
 • Help connect the self across the planes and dimensions of existence.
 • Increase conscious resonance with upper dimensional frequencies and light beings.
 • Clear discordant dimensional connections.
 • Awaken conscious connection with one’s Divine Blueprint.
 • Accelerate personal growth and expansion.
 • Open doors of assistance from universal forces of light.
 • Remove etheric implants and devices and inorganic galactic malware.
 • Remove entities, demons and discarnate beings.
 • Prep one for enlightenment and assist in ascension.
 • Harmonize the human electromagnetic system at the 1-4-4 Christ vibration in alignment with the Prime Directive of Light and the Law of One.
 • Be effective at a distance.

Vibrational energetic healing is available in person (in Malden, MA) and at a distance (remotely via phone or Skype) at the energy exchange rate of $150/hr. All proceeds (100%!!) directly fund HyperLyght's Earth service mission. Email us for more information or to schedule a session.