Aham Prema - I am Divine Love.

Simple mantras for personal growth and spiritual development.

Suggested Usage for These Simple Mantras

I have set the intention and asked the universe to empower the mantras found on this site with subtle light healing energies designed to heighten and maximize the mantras’ effectiveness in affecting change. In other words, I prayed that the mantras be “juiced up”, so that their strength transcends the simplicity of their form. To support this I have called upon upper realms of light to assist those who work directly with these mantras in the graceful, easy integration/disintegration of any and all energies brought forward in using them.

Obviously, use these mantras as you see fit or are guided, first and foremost. These mantras can be repeated silently in your mind, chanted aloud in a sacred space, or forged into an album of ballads of epic proportion. Use them anytime in any place that you feel is appropriate, like standing in line at the grocery store. Say them in the shower. Say them when you’re driving in the car or walking around. Say them once a day, once an hour, or as often as you like. The classical view on mantra is that the more repetitions the better, and after a certain point the mantras begin to resonant in your energetic structure and work on their own. That said, like with meditation, working with mantras for just five minutes is often better than not working with them at all.

Please feel free to qualify these mantras with phrases such as:

or whatever feels appropriate to you.

There is no telling the possibilities that exist with the use of mantras. Expect miracles, and then manifest them!

If you have other techniques that you’d like to share, or additional mantras that you’d like to see integrated into this collection, please feel free to email me your recommendations.

About Mantra

Different people define mantra in different ways, but most will agree that a mantra consists of one or several syllables or a short phrase, that when pondered, recited, chanted, or sung, will bring about some form of positive change. For thousands of years the world over, have been used as energetic keys to unlocking preferred states of consciousness and well-being.

Mantras are often composed and uttered in archaic languages like Sanskrit, and while many believe that Sanskrit is comprised of seed sounds that make up our universe, it is not necessary to practice with mantras in such an esoteric form. Mantras are simply energy, prayers to the universe for assistance in shifting or augmenting the present state of awareness into something more resonant with an ideal.

The mantras presented here are written in English for greater accessibility and have been culled from years of spiritual study, self-development and personal growth and transformation processes. Most are easily understood, and some touch upon more advanced concepts of modern new age philosophy and practice. (BTW, though the mantras on this site are in English, "Aham Prema" is Sanskrit for "I am Divine Love".

About Marc Alexander

Marc Alexander is a personal and planetary lightworker and a multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for paradigm shifting and social justice. A byproduct of both the benefits of a loving family and a hard knocks life path revolving around battling a severe mental illness, Marc has surrendered his free will in dedication to serving the Goddess and the Galactic Federation of Light (Marksman First Class). Marc has received training in many leading-edge energy medicine therapies and puts them to use regularly to assist others, the planet, the universe and himself. Marc grounds and transmits galactic light codes and ascension matrices through his expressive, colorful abstract visionary art and graphic design. Marc also wields a mean bass guitar and sings his heart out. He is a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Film and Video Production.

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